A new beginning…


Today Anna and I had our first appointment with our new specialist at our new clinic. It was a wonderful experience and something far different to what we had experienced previously. We had decided to make an appointment with Professor Illingworth at IVF Australia and we feel like that was a good choice because not only is he the MD, he actually seems to know what he is talking about. He took the time to sit down and go through a thorough snap shot of our past experience and seemed like he genuinely cared about the issues that we had previously and there was no fluff in the conversation.

He also didn’t rush us through what we like to call the ‘revolving door’ and didn’t seem to be focused on anything other than making sure that we were comfortable with what we were doing and how we would do it.

He recommended that we use Anna’s super strong eggs because we got a great result from them before and let’s face it, my eggs are a gamble. We have no idea if they would crack under pressure – pun intended – so looks like we are going to try and get me pregnant!

To kick it off he has prescribed Anna with some magical little pills that will bring on her period, just what every woman wants, their period. She’ll then be given a start date to start injecting one drug and then a few days later she’ll inject that along with another drug. It’s really any needle phobic person’s worst nightmare and unfortunate for my better half who indeed has a needle phobia! She has come through it with such an amazing attitude and is happy to do this again, okay maybe happy isn’t the word. She will do what she has to in order to start a family. Anyway, she’ll then have her egg retrieval and then the embryos will be grown to blast (day 5 embryo’s). They will then freeze them so that I can use them to hopefully get pregnant. In the mean time I have the green light to go nuts with losing weight which is something I wanted to keep focusing on! Yep, that’s right.. losing the belly to get a bigger belly! That makes sense! In all seriousness though, it would be ideal to lose more weight but the Professor wasn’t concerned and said he is happy for us to start as soon as we are ready to rock n roll! We signed some paperwork and then went off to have our counselling session. That was nothing too different to what we did at Fertility First so we were told that the second one (they normally ask you to do two) would not be needed because we have the paperwork from our very first one. Once the counselling session was done and we were deemed sane (that’s not actually what it was for) they sent us on our way telling us it would be a couple of months wait for donor sperm which we already knew going into this.

My bank account was feeling pretty sad today after the fees that were taken for the specialist appointment, counselling fee and for the two of us to be registered onto their donor program but hey it will be worth it in the end! We’ll keep a running tally of our costs at the end of each update that involves parting with our cold hard cash for those who might be interested in the finances of it all – a  lot of people are probably thinking ‘BORING’ and it is.. but it’s also unfortunately a big part of the process.

Anyway, to end our day with great news, we received an email with our log on details to choose our donor! How quickly did those couple of months go?! Okay, so we weren’t waiting months for access like we thought we would! Turns out we didn’t even need to wait 24 hours! Now Anna and I have a long night ahead of us choosing our very own Mr Right. I really admire people that become donors, they are doing a wonderful thing for others and it’s nice to know that there are these wonderful humans in the world. Now we are off to do some online shopping – for sperm!


Specialist fee – $253.75 ($145 medicare rebate)

Counselling fee – $150

Anna’s donor program fee – $150

Carla’s donor program fee – $150

Total – $703.75

Total After Rebate (AR) – $558.75




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