Mr Right or Mr Right Now?

After an exciting day Anna and I set out in search for our new donor last night. It was a search that came to an end very quickly!

We were a little underwhelmed with the choices that sat in front of us. Many of the donors were of different ethnicity so we ruled them out quite quickly. Out of the donors that were left, we were then further limited by the amount of family spots that they had. We need someone that has at least 2 family spots left so that both Anna and I could use the same donor. We appreciate that it’s something that’s not only important to us but also to our clinic.

So after our brief but very informative search we came to one donor who met most of our criteria but not all. There were boxes that he didn’t tick but he was the only one on there that came close. That made me wonder what others do when they find themselves in that situation. Do they continue to look for Mr Right or do they settle for Mr Right Now?

We decided not to settle for Mr Right Now – yet. We will call the clinic and find out when the donor list will be updated and then go from there. We just don’t know if he is the one. We don’t think he is. So for now we are ‘donorless’. We remain in high spirits knowing we never expected to have access to our donor register immediately so really we are still ahead of where we thought we would be. Maybe we will be able to put a face to our donor soon.




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