And the Search Continues

Yippee! We had an email that a couple of new donors had been added or re-released.

Carla jumped on and looked straight away. We discovered that there were now even a couple of USA donors that we didn’t see the other night.

There was a potential USA donor but we still put him down as a ‘Mr Right Now’. One of the Australian donors looked good but he had no picture available (we have emailed the donor team back to see if they have one). The other Australian donor looked really good!!! The only problem is he is wanting his sperm to go to only a heterosexual couple.

As annoying as it is, we totally understand and we like the fact that they are allowed to put their preferences down. We discussed this when we had the counselling and talked about how we would prefer to know this. We didn’t want our child to want to find the donor one day and for the donor to be unhappy that our child was raised by a lesbian couple. Or not want to meet them because of this fact.

So now the search continues and we wait for more donors to be added. It’s hard to be patient when we just want to jump back in. The clinic nurses called me the other day to see if we wanted to book a nurses orientation to be shown how to use the drugs. They also asked when we would be getting started and when my period might start.

I told them we couldn’t start until we had picked a donor and as yet there were none suitable. My period wouldn’t come for who knows how long (thanks PCOS) but that the professor had given me a prescription for some pills to bring it on. We would book a nurses orientation when we knew we had to take another day off work as they only do them Mon-Fri, 10.30 or 11.

So this phone call brought on a stupid Google frenzy from me. I knew one of the main reasons we should do the nurses orientation was a drug called Orgalutran.


I had heard about this drug from a few people, how the needle was bigger and blunter than any we had used before. So of course I did was every other needle phobic person would do – I googled what it looks like.

That was a mistake. It made me nervous all over again about the needles. I had gotten to be an old hand at Puregon and Pregnyl and even Luveris. I think at the old clinic, in the space of 2 weeks, I had about 30 needles and blood tests.

But that’s okay, I know I will be fine. Carla is amazing at giving me needles and so very supportive of my phobia. She’s so incredible and I feel very blessed to be on this journey with her.


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