Money doesn’t grow on trees!

Today we received an email outlining all of the costs for the IVF cycle and frozen embryo transfers (FET’s). We know full well how expensive the whole process can be put my gosh seeing it all outlined again made me nervous. It’s so upsetting to know that we have already paid for 2 full IVF cycles and 5 transfers yet still have no baby to show for it.

Our new clinic is definitely more expensive than our last but I’m really hoping that they bring us more success. I mean they do say you get what you pay for right? Hopefully the extra cost means extra care and better success! We’ll outline the costs as we go in case someone stumbles across this blog and wants to know about the costs associated with you know, creating a little human. We’ll add them on the bottom of the post as we pay each thing so that you all know when the payments were due as well because it can vary.

We’re really hoping that we get a nice and sticky baby from Anna’s next egg collection. We won’t be able to go again straight away if none of the embryos work so we are kinda putting all of our eggs in one basket! It’s a bit of a worry but I guess it will happen if it’s supposed to. We’ll just need to continue saving like crazy in the mean time so that we have a bit of a buffer. I wish we could snap our fingers and just be pregnant. Anyone that says being gay is a choice is crazy.. I mean why on earth would we choose a harder path? Anna likes to garden, maybe I can ask her to go and plant us a money tree! Ha!



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