Peek-a-boo…we found you!

Our search is over – we have found a donor and couldn’t be happier with our choice!Peek-A-Boo.jpg

He was released today and we snapped him right up as there were only 2 spots left and we each need one to be able to use the same donor. So what’s our donor like you ask? Well unlike the first donor we chose (at our last clinic), we decided to go with someone who looked more similar to me. We had a good think about it but at the end of the day Anna and I agreed that we wanted the kids to be somewhere in between our own features but the only way to really do that was to lean towards my darker features because they will more than likely dominate Anna’s lighter features… More so than lighter features being able to dominate my darker ones!

We also thought it was important to consider that we might not be able to use my eggs in the future and therefore this was a good way to still have the bubs looking something like me but not completely unlike Anna. This donor seriously looks like he could fit into my family but don’t worry, I’m sure he’s not related!

So… after we looked at his picture and thought ‘what a cutie patootie’, we then checked out his profile. His health seems to be all clear aside from a minor eye issue which apparently affects over 25% of the population. It’s very common and we weren’t too worried about that because the kids may not have the same issue and even if they didn’t take anything from the donor, there is a chance that Anna’s side will contribute to some eye problems. Anna doesn’t wear glasses herself but the rest of her family don’t have the best eyes. It could be something that affects our children anyway but hey fingers crossed they are blessed with perfect health!

Our donor also has similar interests and hobbies to Anna and I which was nice but unlike us, he is also extremely sporty and athletic. It was nice to see that he enjoys sports because the kids won’t really get that from us so perhaps they might get that side from their donor which is something we would completely embrace.

He is also very intelligent which is another big tick in our box! It appears he enjoyed studying and his hard work has led him to a career that he seems proud of. We like that he is academic and that he also seems to be well cultured. Don’t get me wrong, Anna and I are no Einstein’s but we definitely value a good education and someones thirst to expand their knowledge.

So, it appears that all of our boxes have been ticked and we now have our Mr Right! He is what we wanted and what we think will make a wonderful blend for our little family. Now we just hope that he has super sperm because we are keen to make some beautiful babies!

~ Carla




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