The Witch is Here

Yesterday the witch reared her head. I was so glad that it didn’t take any longer to arrive because that would have put us dangerously close to our ceremony. As it is, EPU is expected to be 3-5 days prior, depending on how I to react to the meds.

So I finished my 5 day course of Provera on Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised there were not a great deal of side effects from this. I did get a couple of headaches and an upset stomach, along with major PMS symptoms. I actually cried in a part of a movie that wasn’t even sad! But good movie! I highly recommend White House Down. I’m not a fan of overly political movies, but I really enjoyed this one.

We already had a nurses orientation booked for yesterday so they could show us how to use the medications properly. We are on a whole new playing field with the meds. We haven’t used any of them before. It’s making me a little nervous, not knowing how I will react to this lot.

The orientation went well, it was just Carla and I with 2 nurses. There was much discussion about how different this cycle would be to the previous one I had one. This will be a short cycle, where they stimulate your ovaries and then give you another medication to prevent ovulation. All up, it is generally only 2 weeks from the start of your period to egg pick up.

Because I had started my period a few days prior to what they thought I would, my medication hadn’t been ordered. That was okay though! The nurse sent through the request to the pharmacy at Norwest Private Hospital and we picked it up after work. 3 big boxes of Gonal-F now reside in our fridge and the Orgalutran is in our bedroom.

This morning we went back to the clinic for my CD2 (cycle day 2) blood test. This was to check my levels are where they should be before I start stimming. If they are, the first injection will be tonight!

The nurse doing the blood test today was lovely. Carla had gone next door to have some bloods done at the private hospital so it was just me, having my first blood test alone. I explained to the nurse that I have a needle phobia and asked if she could use the smaller needle. She said of course she would. I also told her that my veins are pretty deep and often hard to find. After looking for a few minutes, she got a heat pack. Even that didn’t help! The veins in my arms were nowhere to be seen. She found a tiny little one in my hand and got the blood from there. I barely felt a thing, yay!

So, now we wait and hope that everything looks good. In the meantime, look where they took the blood from!

~ Anna



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