First needle is complete!

Yesterday, I was at work and the nurses called me to say my levels were great and to start 175 Gonal-F every night and then on Sunday to start the Orgalutran. Next blood test is 7.30am Monday morning to check how it is all going.

So last night, we decide that 10pm would be a good time to do the injection. We have a dinner commitment on Saturday night and don’t want to rush home just to do the needle. Especially as no one knows we are doing this.

I get the Gonal-F pen ready and swab the area. Carla puts it in and this liquid stings more than the Puregon did. It really might have been just because the liquid is so cold! It’s not as bad as I thought it would be but I do get nervous if I haven’t had a needle for a little while. Carla is really good at calming me down though, she’s really great like that.

Once the needle has been left in for a few seconds after pushing the liquid out, Carla goes to take the needle out. She under-estimated how long this needle is compared to others we have used. not realising it was a little bit longer, when she pulls it out, the tip ‘pings’ out of my skin because it was at an angle.

I must have looked shocked and Carla looks almost devastated. Immediately she starts apologising. I assure her that it’s okay, that it didn’t hurt at all. It just made me laugh at the ‘ping’ noise and that’s what my shocked face was from.

Good news is, there is no sting afterwards! With the Puregon, it would sting for about half an hour after but with this one, I felt fine. Today the site is a little tender, but they always are.

I swear last night I could feel little niggles in my ovaries already. I know it’s probably a bit too early for that, but I’m sure I will in the next few days.

~ Anna



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