Milk is Carla’s best friend

So last night I was all nice and comfy in bed. I was crocheting a granny square blanket. I was warm and yep, just very comfortable.

Then I hear Carla yell out to me. She asked for milk. I knew what this meant.

She would throw up if I didn’t deliver milk in the next 3.5 seconds.

I sprang into action and ran, not very fast, mind you, to the kitchen to pour some milk. I raced back to where she was standing in the bathroom and handed it to her.

For some reason, milk seems to calm her tummy down when she is feeling very sick. We very rarely drink milk but lately we have been going through at least half a litre every day.

Oh and whoever named morning sickness, I think they were on drugs. It’s the only explanation. Carla seems to be worse from about lunch time onwards. Then it gets pretty bad around 4-5pm. The other night we were picking up some Chinese takeaway and the carpark saw what she had eaten that day.

Hopefully it settles down and she can start to enjoy this more. It must be so hard to enjoy it when you feel sick!


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