‘Do a little dance…’

We got to see our little Pingu again today! We had a quick scan with our fertility specialist, who was more than happy to cater to our request. We were in the waiting room and he was walking down the hallway to see another patient. He saw us and said (laughing), ‘I thought I got rid of you.’

This time I managed to film the heartbeat. Last time I forgot to switch my phone to video so all we had was 2 photos haha. 

The professor was pointing out our little bubbas head and arms. The heart was a lot bigger this time and very, very easy to see. We listened to the heartbeat and just watched it for a little while as well.

The professor told us that if we kept watching we would probably see Pingu move. It didn’t take long and we saw it!

Pingu bounced and then looked like it was dancing! It was the most amazing thing to see. I swear Carla was nearly crying and so was I!

Here is little Pingu at 8w6d and measuring 9w1d. Pingu is now almost 2.5cm long. Even though the picture is not great quality you can still roughly see the shape of an actually baby



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