Touring a birth unit

Tonight we got to tour the birth unit at the hospital we plan to have bub at. The birthing room was a lot bigger than we thought it would be. Some have huge baths and they all have these showers with 2 heads – one normal and one removable so we can put it wherever gives the most pain relief. 

It’s good to know where we need to go when the time comes. Yes – Carla is only 17 weeks tomorrow but we are very organised people.

Except when it comes to changing my name….

Over 3 months since we had our ceremony and I am yet to change my name. I will be getting the papers signed either this week or next so my name should be changed in 1-2 months. As long as it is before bubba gets here, I don’t mind. 

It is all getting so real now. Just the other day, we got a text saying that our baby laybuy was all in stock whenever we wanted to collect it! We don’t want to pick it up until September so will let them keep it for a while longer. We want to paint the nursery so won’t collect the items until after then. 

I’ll leave you with a gorgeous picture of a scan we had don’t last Friday, just for the hell of it! Bubs was just over 16 weeks and would not stop touching it’s face and head! Super cute!