24 weeks (and 1 day) – almost there!

Thinking about how busy we are over the next 3 months scares me so much. It means that we are not far away from having bubba with us. Yes, this is what we have been longing for and desperately desiring but it still scares me. We have so much to do around home before we are ready for bub to be here.

We still have to paint the nursery and our room, pick up the furniture and put it together, order and then apply the wall decal, and pick up the rest of the things we will need for bub (wraps, clothes etc). Then we will have to think about packing bags and organising a baby shower (a BBQ at home so we can swim in the pool – luckily a friend has offered to help out).

Then it will be Christmas! Carla will be only days away from popping at Christmas so we are hoping to have shopping done in November. If we have time!

I’m sure there are other things we need to do but my mind is not particularly working well.

This month (which is already half way through!) is filled with birthdays and a baby expo. We plan to start sanding a dodgy wall in our room in preparation for the paint. Then just need to wait for some friends to have a weekend off as they have offered to help. So lovely of them! We may end up skipping the baby expo this month but head to the one next month – we will see!

In addition to everything we need to do to prep for bub, I am studying. This time it’s 2 units over 13 weeks, so it’s the equivalent of full time study. Plus working full time. While I am enjoying the units, they are very full on and require a lot of attention. Luckily I have a good hour after I finish before I need to pick Carla up from work. That’s when I get the most done. Oh, and in between my actual work duties.

Lately I have been smashing out my university work during the day and at night I have been prepping some things to sew for bub. The first night was picking the patterns to go with the fabric and the next night I actually started sewing something. I will likely finish that off tonight – can’t wait! It’s my first time using this pattern and I already love it.

Which reminds me, we also have to find fabric to recover the cushions on our glider chair for the nursery.

When will the list of things to do ever end?!


That first kick!

So let’s go back a little, last Wednesday in fact. We were on holidays and Carla had been feeling a lot of kicks. I decided to put my hand on her belly, just in case. 

Now, I tend to do this often so it’s really nothing new and I have never felt anything before. Having an anterior placenta means it could be quite a while before I’d feel anything from the outside. But….

At exactly 23 weeks, I felt our little bubba kick! I even saw Carla’s belly move! It was the most magical thing ever! I had a feeling it may happen while we were on holidays but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I feel like I’m walking on Cloud 9 right now. I felt bubba move a few other times as well and it is honestly the most amazing feeling in the world. I pretty much just want to have my hand in Carla’s belly 24 hours a day!

And just a little update, below is Pingu’s hand size and is now just over 30cm long!