That first kick!

So let’s go back a little, last Wednesday in fact. We were on holidays and Carla had been feeling a lot of kicks. I decided to put my hand on her belly, just in case. 

Now, I tend to do this often so it’s really nothing new and I have never felt anything before. Having an anterior placenta means it could be quite a while before I’d feel anything from the outside. But….

At exactly 23 weeks, I felt our little bubba kick! I even saw Carla’s belly move! It was the most magical thing ever! I had a feeling it may happen while we were on holidays but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I feel like I’m walking on Cloud 9 right now. I felt bubba move a few other times as well and it is honestly the most amazing feeling in the world. I pretty much just want to have my hand in Carla’s belly 24 hours a day!

And just a little update, below is Pingu’s hand size and is now just over 30cm long!


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