Ouch! That hurt!

Two nights ago was the first of the Orgalutran injections.

I knew they would hurt more than the others and I was right!

The needle tip is blunter than any of the others we have used. it requires just a little more pressure to push it in. I was already nervous and had a little bit of a teary moment – I usually do before any new kind of needle. I know it stresses Carla out a little but I can’t help it.

So, I was lying on the bed, pinching both sides of my tummy. I had told Carla not to tell me which one she was doing first. She did the Orgalutran first and I’m glad she did because I would have hated to know it was coming second.

To me, the needle felt like it was about 5 times thicker than others – though I think that was just because it is blunter. The liquid also stings like a bitch going in. Then to top it all off, it stings for a few hours later and your tummy gets really red and itchy.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Last night was the second one of these. It still hurt but I was a lot less nervous because I knew what was coming.

I had a blood test yesterday morning as well. I don’t know what is going on with my veins but they don’t seem to like this clinic very much. They had to go for my hand veins again as they tried my arm and couldn’t get anything. It was also the first time that I have had a proper needle for the blood test. I have only ever had them with butterfly needles so i was pretty nervous.

It wasn’t too bad and hurt less than I thought it would.

My levels came back not quite where the Professor would like them so I was asked to up the dose of Gonal-F to 300 daily. I think that will really start things going.

When we were at the clinic yesterday, we discovered that even though there is only 2 days difference in our cycles, that Carla’s cycle will be considered a full frozen embryo transfer. This happened at Fertility First as well and they charged us just an equipment fee, instead of the entire FET cost.

IVFA doesn’t do anything like this so we were a bit annoyed that we would have to pay over $3000 extra because we are 2 days apart in our cycles. Our doctor is on holidays so his PA said she would email and get him to see if we can stim Carla just a little to get her there a bit faster so we can do a fresh transfer with her.

He called this morning and she starts on Gonal-F 75 tonight!

A scan and bloods on Thursday morning for her so we can see how she is going. If she looks to be going faster than me then he will give her an antagonist (Orgalutran) to stop her ovulating. We will then trigger at the same time so we can line up for a fresh transfer.

So exciting! We have always hoped to be able to do a fresh transfer.

Bring on Thursday and seeing where Carla is up to

~ Anna